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Welcome to the all new Old School Seals!  We are under new ownership and management.  It is our goal to serve you better.

oldschoolsealswaxsealjewelryThank you for your interest in our corner of the Worldwide Web. Here at the Old School, we are a company devoted to the manufacture of wax seals and wax stamps. We also supply sealing wax and all the accessories needed for creating beautiful wax seals.

We are a small group of motivated and creative associates, including highly skilled production experts and designers. While some may consider this small size a liability, we think it’s a great asset. We utilize technology to a great extent, from CNC manufacturing to modern website management and order processing to produce a high quality product and track your order from placement to shipment.

We maintain tight security of your personal information and would never even consider selling or sharing our customer information with anyone. We also love to field questions and discuss possible applications of wax sealing for innovative decorating, packaging, or marketing needs.

We offer wholesale discounts for qualifying retailers and are always looking for new shops to carry our line. Just e-mail us and we’ll be happy to send you the information. If you have any questions about seals, wax, or other decorative work we would be happy to discuss your project with you.

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The Old School Seals Team
{email us} info@oldschoolseals.com

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