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Old School Seals has come a long way since it's humble beginning in an old school building...get the name now? 

Our friends were broke newlyweds when Jonny made a wax seal stamp for his bride Dena just playing around one day. This was the early 2000's when the internet was becoming a real thing. Thus began the web based business of Old School Seals. 

Daron and I visited our friends several times, and helped out where we could. After leaving one day I told Daron, I'd love to do that for a living. Well one day in 2007 I did just that! I left the role of Insurance Agent and went to work for them. Eventually we moved the entire production shop on hour north to Main Street Tipton America (as Daron likes to say). I went from Production Manager to owner and also gained the title of Mom along the way.


Our daughter Norah inherited my creative gene and Daron's brains! She will probably take over the programming one day, but has already jumped into the world of artist launching her own line as Lil Miss OSS. She's learning the value of hard work and determination. 

I'm blessed for the path God has provided. Come visit or follow our adventures on the IG. Lots of coffee, a few tears, tons of laughter and bottles of ice cold beer, can do great things!

Welcome to Old School Seals

Welcome to our corner of the world wide web, and the corner of Main in Tipton, Kansas. We're a family of three, all involved in the business of wax seals. Lovers of Midwest living, fun, adventure and camping...well Daron is still adapting to camping. 

Hi! I'm Kim, Wax Seal Master, as my card states. Daron is the engraving programmer, the boring job. He dislikes any of my artistic input on anything! 

Both of us are born and raised farm kids from the middle of nowhere Kansas, and proud of it! I think I had a hidden desire for entrepreneurship, but didn't recognize it until it slapped me in the face....We have now been "Living the Dream" of business ownership since 2011

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