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  • Copper Metallic Blended Wax

Copper Metallic Blended Wax


This blended sealing wax is the perfect pair of copper coloring and metallic shimmer. 


Product Details

  • Minimum order of 10 sticks required
  • Each faux wax stick is 0.44" in diameter by 3.75" long
  • Allows for approximately (4-6) seals per stick, with a 1" stamp
  • Utilizes glue gun for ease of application
  • Will adhere to paper, metal, plastic & glass
  • Provides less flex than Faux Wax, but is less brittle than traditional wax

We recommend using an outer envelope when mailing wax sealed envelopes


Product Instructions

You will need: Wax Stamp, Blended Sealing Wax Sticks, low temperature glue gun, and a tin of OSC non-stick or a bag of ice for chilling stamp between applications.


  • Melt your wax by  inserting it into a low temperature glue gun.
  • Dispense sealing wax onto your surface, approximately 1" in diameter.
  • Press your wax stamp into the sealing wax. Allow approximately 5-7 seconds to cool. 
  • Gently peel your wax stamp from the sealing wax. If your stamp starts to stick, allow for additional cooling time.
  • Occasionally use OSC non-stick, or chill your wax stamp on a bag of ice between sealings.
  • Standard Flat Rate 5-7 Business Days $10.00
    Express Shipping 3-5 Business Days $15.00
    2 Day Shipping 2 Business Days $25.00


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