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  • Traditional Sealing Wax

Traditional Sealing Wax


Our Traditional Sealing Wax comes in the classic crimson red and is great for personal letters and gift sets. Traditional wax is somewhat fragile and adheres best to fibrous paper material. It is not recommended for bulk mailings without a protective outer envelope.


Product Details

  • Sold as individual bars
  • Each traditional wax bar is 0.50" in diameter by 5.5" long
  • Allows for approximately (6-8) seals per bar, with a 1" stamp
  • Utilizes a melting oven & spoon, or open flame for application
  • Adheres best to fibrous material 
  • Somewhat fragile, and is not recommended for glossy surfaces or bulk mailings

We recommend using an outer envelope when mailing wax sealed envelopes


Product Instructions

You will need: Wax Stamp, Traditional Sealing Wax bars, a melting oven & spoon, or an open flame, and a tin of OSC non-stick or a bag of ice for chilling stamp between applications.


  1. Melt your wax by breaking it into chunks and heating it in the melting spoon over a tea light, or hold the end of the wax over an open flame and drip onto your paper surface. 
  2. Drip sealing wax onto your surface, approximately 1" in diameter.
  3. Press your wax stamp into the sealing wax. Allow approximately 5-7 seconds to cool. 
  4. Gently peel your wax stamp from the sealing wax. If your stamp starts to stick, allow for additional cooling time.
  5. Occasionally use OSC non-stick, or chill your wax stamp on a bag of ice between sealings.
  • Standard Flat Rate 5-7 Business Days $10.00
    Express Shipping 3-5 Business Days $15.00
    2 Day Shipping 2 Business Days $25.00


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